Heart Surgery for the Elderly: What You Need to Know

One of the scariest experiences a person can go through is being told that they have a serious heart issue that needs to be addressed with surgery. The risks for elderly heart surgery can be great, and not long ago, there wasn’t a wide variety of options available when it came to different procedures and techniques.

When faced with such news, we begin to wonder if we may be facing the end of our lives. We may worry that, even with a successful procedure, the quality of our lives might still drop. But now, thanks to surgeons like Dr. Giovanni Ciuffo and his team of experts, there are minimally invasive, bloodless heart surgery alternatives to the conventional methods.

How It All Began

Dr. Ciuffo has dedicated his entire medical career to studying and developing new and precise techniques to minimize the risks, pain, recovery time, and intrusiveness of heart and cardiovascular procedures. He first began to employ his bloodless heart surgery techniques in the 90s, as a means of providing alternative options to the Jehovah Witness communities of Pittsburgh, and then later in New York.

The results of his hard work and time invested are clear in the numerous medical studies and reviews which have confirmed the effectiveness of his bloodless heart surgery methods, as well as the countless patient testimonials praising his efforts and thanking him for saving their lives.

Elderly Heart Surgery

What to Expect Before the Procedure

Before any medical procedure such as this can be performed, a consultation followed by a thorough examination must take place first. This is necessary not only to make sure the patient understands the process, but also to determine whether or not he or she is a good candidate for the surgery as well.

Once the patient understands all that is involved and they are physically cleared to go through with the surgery, then the preparation process begins. This includes discontinuing use of medications which can cause bleeding, and taking any medications that increase red blood cell production, if needed. Once this is complete, the procedure is scheduled.

How the Procedure Works

The actual surgery begins with a small incision on the chest wall, right over the valve which is being attended to. Depending on the specifics of the procedure being used, the surgery will be performed either on the beating heart, or with the use of a heart-lung machine.

Once the valve has been repaired or replaced, the incision is closed up and the patient recovery begins. Thoracotomy recovery for elderly patients can many times be difficult with traditional procedures, which is one of the numerous benefits of the bloodless heart technique. Even frail, older patients can be home in 2 to 3 days with minimal pain.

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