Atrial Myxoma Surgery

An Atrial Myxoma can be polypoid, round, or oval in shape. They have a gelatinous consistency. They often present with a smooth or lumpy surface and are usually white, yellowish, or reddish. The following images demonstrate what the atrial myxoma looks like before, during, and after a minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgery. Minimally invasive heart surgeon Dr. Giovanni Ciuffo specializes in heart procedures just like this one, and he is happy to consult with you regarding your Myxoma diagnosis.

What does a Myxoma look like?

This is what a Myxoma actually looks like. This specific case involves a 46-year-old lady with a myxoma diagnosis.  An echocardiogram found a large lump in the middle of her right atrium. Considering this news, the woman did her research about minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgery. As a result, she came to see me in order to have it removed with a scarless surgical approach. The excellent surgical exposure you see in the picture was made available through a small incision in the skin fold underneath the right breast. You are basically looking directly inside the right atrium.

minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgery picture

Atrial Myxoma Repair

The Atrial Myxoma is often bulky and friable. The main concern is that it can cause serious symptoms such as strokes and heart attacks when fragments of tumor break off and travel to the heart or the brain. If it is very large and mobile it can also cause heart malfunctions by literally “plugging” up the heart valves. For all these reasons, an Atrial Myxomas quick surgical removal is important to avoid irreversible damage to the heart. This is also important since embolized fragments of the tumor can affect the brain or other distant organs as well.

The next picture shows you the same case after the atrial myxoma is gone, along with the portion of the atrial septum it was growing from. A white circular patch closes the remaining hole where the myxoma was, pretty much with the same technique seen when closing an ASD.

after minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgery picture

Next, once the patch is securely in the place, sutures close the right atrium. The operation is now complete. Finally, the next picture shows you the surface of the heart before we start closing the skin incision.

minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgical picture

This woman returned home just two days after the procedure, with a full cure and an excellent cosmetic result. The skin fold underneath the right breast completely hid the surgical scar. In addition, she was able to go back to work just ten days later. Everyone hopes for results like these after a significant heart operation.

Minimally Invasive Atrial Myxoma Surgery is Possible

You can’t find this minimally invasive expertise everywhere. Additionally, please feel free to share this website and applicable videos with your doctor if someone tells you that “minimally invasive ASD repairs or myxomas cannot possibly be done through a minimally invasive approach”. Dr. Ciuffo continues to works tirelessly to develop expertise within minimally invasive operations, and he applies this knowledge to Atrial Myxoma surgery for the best possible outcomes.

Be Your Own Advocate

The patient was very glad she took the time and effort to research the best operation for her condition. This is because the necessary technical expertise to offer minimally invasive atrial myxoma surgery does not exist at most surgery centers. A 12″ long incision up and down her chest is the alternative. This type of incision, passing through the breast bone, results in longer recovery time, and a frankly unnecessarily lousy cosmetic result for the rest of her life. Travel to a specialty center can be worth the extra effort.

Know your options. Also, do not be shy about demanding the best treatments. Your body, your heart, and your life matter! You are your best advocate, and you know your body better than anyone else. Take charge and find the best doctor to treat your unique circumstances.


 Click on the images below to view videos describing a minimally invasive atrial myxoma resection techniques.


Click on the image below to view another video describing a minimally invasive atrial myxoma resection.