High Risk Heart Surgery

high risk heart surgeryIf you are a patient who has received a disheartening diagnosis from your local doctor, know that there ARE options out there for you. Dr. Ciuffo offers minimally invasive heart surgery procedures have been highly successful in treating high-risk patients for many years. It’s your heart and your life!

“An expert in heart risk heart surgery can evaluate each case and handle the risk factors involved with techniques that may not be available locally. Some surgeons fail to tell you that doing nothing about the inoperable condition is much riskier than the actual surgery.” – Dr. Ciuffo

The advanced technology has evolved our minimally invasive heart surgery methods which have allowed for a low-impact and soft-touch high-risk heart surgery treatment. Surprisingly, even the most elderly and frail of patients can enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery regardless of their overall physical health.

High Risk/Inoperable Diagnosis

If you have been given a diagnosis as inoperable, we HIGHLY recommend that you come in to get a second opinion. Dr. Ciuffo uses the most cutting edge technology to perform successful, minimally invasive heart surgery procedures for high-risk heart surgery patients.

Read Gwen’s success story, the 70-year old “inoperable” patient who received a successful aortic valve replacement. She recovered quickly and was able to enjoy many more years living life to the fullest with her family.

Different doctors have different levels of experience and use different options when it comes to high-risk cases. A second opinion with an expert in high-risk heart surgery—such as Dr. Ciuffo—can make the difference between a long healthy life or the opposite. To get a better understanding of why you’ve received this diagnosis and what you can do, follow these directions from Dr. Ciuffo:

Inoperable Condition Becomes Operable

Dr. Ciuffo’s minimally invasive procedures can be a viable option for patients who have previously been told their heart condition is inoperable or a high-risk heart surgery procedure. These procedures are performed through a small, two-inch incision between the ribs, which eliminates the need for breaking bones. Without broken bones and a large surgical incision, high-risk heart surgery patients are able to recover quickly and comfortably.  Read patient testimonials to get a better idea of Dr. Ciuffo’s surgical expertise and how it works.

minimally invasive heart surgery

Dr. Ciuffo performs a wide variety of cardiac procedures, to meet the unique needs of every patient. Some of our top procedures include:

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