Benefits of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery For Elderly Patients

Older patients are the most common type of cardiac patients we see. As we age, the heart has more trouble efficiently pumping blood to the rest of the body. Problems such as high blood pressure, infections, and more will make a weakened heart work even harder. When combined with age and outside factors, some elderly patients are simply labeled as “inoperable” if they have more serious conditions like aortic valve stenosis or coronary artery disease. Most patients are not inoperable, the doctors simply don’t know about the options available to treat them.

Dr. Ciuffo is an expert in these options. With extensive experience in successfully treating high risk, inoperable, and elderly or frail patients, Dr. Ciuffo knows that many people can benefit from his techniques. Using minimally invasive heart surgery and bloodless techniques, Dr. Ciuffo can successfully treat patients who are otherwise too old, too sick, or whatever else. It is extremely important for you to request a second opinion if you’ve been given a diagnosis like this for your heart condition.

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Elderly Patients Benefit From Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

According to a recent study published in the September 2015 issue of The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, elderly patients with aortic valve stenosis can benefit from minimally invasive aortic valve replacement. For all elderly cardiac patients, there are many benefits of minimally invasive heart surgery include:

  • Low-Impact – No breaking of bones and very small incision site
  • Quick Healing – Only 2-3 days in the hospital
  • Inoperable Options – Personalized plans to avoid outside issues
  • Minimized Risk Of Infection – With fewer time in the hospital, a small incision, and bloodless options infection rate is low
  • Bloodless Options – Avoid blood transfusions due to personal or religious needs
  • Very Small Scar – Cosmetically, minimally invasive heart surgery in the best option

Get A Second Opinion From Dr. Ciuffo

If you’ve been diagnosed as inoperable or simply high risk due to your age, please know that this is not final. Dr. Ciuffo works with many elderly patients every day to create a minimally invasive surgical plan to save and extend their lives by as many years as possible. Some surgeons and doctors simply do not have the knowledge, expertise, or ability to perform minimally invasive surgeries or high risk surgeries for older patients.

Dr. Ciuffo is an expert in minimally invasive heart surgery. He can evaluate your heart condition and handle risk factors with our bloodless and minimally invasive techniques with excellent results, that are simply not available or not even known about at your local doctor’s office. Request your second opinion.

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