Healthy Heart Rate

Determining a healthy heart rate can help you create a plan for increasing your overall heart health by incorporating exercise into your routine. Your resting heart rate may vary from what is considered healthy for another individual. Very-fit individuals have a slower resting heart rate. In general, a slower heart rate indicates a more efficient heart function.

Determining Your Resting Heart Rate

To determine your resting heart rate, it will be necessary to take measurements several times throughout the day over a period of time to get an average. Begin by finding a quiet place where you can sit for five to ten minutes without being disturbed. Sit quietly until your breathing is normal and your body feels relaxed but not sleepy. Locate your pulse, either at the side of your neck or on your wrist. Once you find your pulse, count the number of beats for 15 seconds. Multiply that number by four to get your average heart rate. Take your pulse several times throughout the day, making sure to take it at the same times each day to get your average over time.

What Should My Healthy healthy heart rate Heart Rate Be?

For the average adult, a normal heart rate range is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. If your resting heart rate is consistently above 100 beats per minute, or below 60 beats a minute, it’s important to discuss your heart health with your doctor. Other signs of heart problems may include dizziness, shortness of breath, or feeling faint or actually fainting. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. You may be having problems with your heart that are affecting your blood pressure.

What Can Affect my Heart Rate?

Caffeine consumption, exercise, stress, and intense emotions can all affect your resting heart rate. Be sure to wait at least two hours after a stressful event, exercising, or consuming caffeine before attempting to take your heart rate. Regular checkups with Dr. Ciuffo can help keep your heart in top condition.


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