Surprising Causes of Heart Issues – Canton, OH

Heart issues are most commonly attributed to a sedentary lifestyle combined with a bad diet of high-fat foods. While diet and exercise are important to maintaining heart health, other factors may come into play that are not as obvious. These overlooked influences on your heart health can become important when you’re doing all you can to reduce your risk.Heart Issues Canton, OH

Environment & Heart Issues

Where you live may have a strong impact upon your heart health. People who live in urban environments, and in low-income neighborhoods may have a higher risk of heart health challenges and heart issues. It’s no surprise that higher traffic pollution poses special health challenges. The additional stressors associated with lower-income housing, however, may put additional strain on the heart. While it may not be possible to relocate, being aware of, and reducing, potential stressors and using indoor air filtration to reduce exposure to particulates are steps patients can take.


Stressful relationships may impact heart health. Like the stress of poverty, the stress of constant tension in close relationships can also take a toll on the heart. Clear boundaries, improved communication, and self-care and coping techniques may improve the relationship and minimize the impact upon heart health.

A History of Chronic Illness or Pain

Women who’ve had preeclampsia during pregnancy and those who suffer from autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to heart issues. It’s important to discuss all of your health history with your heart doctor, to rule out any additional risk factors that may impact your health and treatment program.

Stopping Treatment

Although it may be obvious that ending a prescription drug treatment program may increase your risks, many patients don’t consider the low-dose aspirin regimen their doctor has prescribed as a vital part of their treatment program. When stopping an aspirin regimen, be sure to do so with a doctor’s supervision and advice, to decrease the risk of heart attack.

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