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Handling high blood pressure is a key component of managing heart disease. High blood pressure puts an extra strain on the heart. While medication and other medical interventions may be necessary to manage blood pressure, there are steps patients can take at home to reduce the risks and their dependence on medication.

Reduce High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure:

Keeping Fit

Diet and exercise are critical components of the overall heart health plan. Talk to your doctor about engaging in moderate aerobic exercise for 60-90 minutes each day. A solid fitness routine and a healthy nutritional plan will help support heart health and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Along with a strong fitness plan, diet is important. Alcohol and excessive sodium should be avoided. Cholesterol should be checked regularly and managed to avoid putting strain on the heart. While high cholesterol isn’t always associated with high blood pressure, the two sometimes occur together.

Put out the Cigarettes

Smoking carries many obvious dangers. Each cigarette raises the blood pressure, and heavy or “chain” smokers tend to face a much higher incidence of dangerously high blood pressure. Just 20 minutes after finishing a cigarette, blood pressure drops to normal. The risk of heart disease is cut in half after just one year of quitting. Kicking the habit can add years to your life. Talk to your doctor about cessation techniques that may work for you.

Limit Alcohol and Stress

Alcohol intake and stress are both factors in high blood pressure. Ironically, a single glass of wine or beer per day can actually lower blood pressure. It’s excessive intake that causes problems. More than one drink per day, on average, raises blood pressure and may interfere with the activity of some medications. Be sure to talk to your doctor about alcohol intake.


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