Inoperable Coronary Patients

Inoperable Coronary Patient

The two most important questions asked by an inoperable coronary patient:

  1. What makes a coronary patient inoperable?
  2. How can we improve on our surgical solutions to save the life of an inoperable coronary patient?

Once you know the basic technical challenges, inoperable coronary patients will understand the solutions we have developed in these surgery cases. New technologies have

inoperable coronary surgery

A healthy heart after a successful minimally invasive heart surgery.

made the difference for so many heart patients that were otherwise hopeless and inoperable.

A coronary artery bypass operation clears the pathway for blood on blocked coronary arteries. A pathway is directly connected between the aorta and a spot on the coronary artery downstream from where the blockage occurs. If steps in this surgical process can’t be carried out within certain standards, your local doctor may not be able to offer you this life-saving operation, referring to this as, “inoperable”. That’s where we come in.

Solutions for Inoperable Coronary Patients

  • If the aorta is heavily calcified: We re-route the blood supply through internal mammary arteries avoiding “cracking”.
  • If there are not enough veins or arteries: We can graft, harvest, and replace new perfectly healthy tissues from elsewhere.
  • If the coronary vessels are too severely and diffusely diseased: We can double graft the tissue to eliminate blockages or use a technology called endoarterectomy where we remove plaque from clogged tissue.
  • If the patient is deemed to old or fragile: We believe that age, frailty should not determine your quality of life or your medical choices!
  • If the patient has patient has bad lungs, bad kidneys, bad liver and/or has had a prior open heart operation: We use beating heart surgery technology to avoid having to rely on a heart or lung machine which can cause further damage to the organs in question.
  • If the patient’s heart is deemed too weak: We can implement beating heart surgery techniques to establish a rich blood supply keeping vital oxygen rich blood flowing through the heart.

There are many other conditions deemed “inoperable” which we are able circumvent and help our patients improve their quality of life. If you think you have a condition that we can help with, or have questions about, contact us!

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