Shorter Recovery Times With Minimally Invasive Techniques

minimally invasive heart surgeryIf you or a loved one is in need of heart surgery and you are researching your options — minimally invasive techniques are an extremely viable and popular option. Dr. Ciuffo is at the forefront of this evolving medical field, and has practiced minimally invasive cardiac techniques for over 15 years, giving his patients the best results. One of the major benefits of minimally invasive heart surgery is how quickly our patients recover, compared with traditional open heart surgery patients’ recovery times.

Why Recovery Is Quicker

Traditional Heart Surgery Recovery

With traditional heart surgery, the chest is opened by a two to five inch horizontal and vertical incisions in the skin and muscle of the chest, then the breast bone is broken so that the surgeon can reach the heart. After surgery, patients have to stay in the hospital three to eight days.

After discharge, recovery can last anywhere from four to eight weeks while the bone fully heals. Activities are very restricted. The incision scars will be large and very noticeable. This can usually last significantly longer for patients who are older and may be frail.

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Recovery

With minimally invasive heart surgery, there is no need for dramatic cutting of the skin and bone. Dr. Ciuffo uses a small, typically 2-inch incision between the ribs or under the breast. Dr. Cuffo uses long, thin tools to reach the area of the heart that surgery is needed (see tools in the photo above). After surgery, patients typically stay in the hospital for two to three days.

Recovery at home usually lasts for two weeks before patients can return to normal activities and throughout these two weeks, physical activity is recommended. The scars from the incision are very small, less noticeable, and heal very quickly.

Our patients are very happy with how quickly they’ve recovered and restarted their lives without the pain and inconvenience their heart problem caused them. Read more about quick recovery times in our Patient Testimonials!

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