Be on The Lookout for Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack: Know the Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms

We haven’t quite gotten to the times where we can completely prevent hearts attacks…. yet – and we never know if that day will come, but it is very important to educate yourself about the signs of heart attack symptoms.  You just might be able to one day save someone’s life, even your own. There is a wide variety of common symptoms of heart attacks which are, but not limited to:

Be on the look for these Heart Attack Symptoms

  • Extreme tightness and/or pressure within the chest cavity
  • Aching and squeezing in the chest, spreading to the arms and possibly neck region
  • Indigestion
  • Numbness in the left hand (fingers) tingling sensations
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden lightheadedness and/or dizziness
  • Cold sweats

Heart Attack Symptoms Change from Patient to Patient

Not all patients will experience the same heart attack symptoms, if any at all. Heart attacks are known to be sudden and could be silent killers. It is always important to know your familial history and check your own blood pressure, know your cholesterol levels and take care of yourself the best you can. We only have one body – every step we take, counts. Some heart attacks may come on full force with a little warning, while others may just pop up out of what seems like nowhere at all. If you or a loved one is even remotely worried about the possibility that they/you could be experiencing a heart attack – don’t take any chances and contact medical personnel immediately. If aspirin is readily available – take some, to thin the blood out…it does, in fact, make a huge difference. If you see someone who has had a heart attack and has become unconscious, contact 911 and perform CPR until someone arrives, if the person is not unconscious, try to keep them alert and as calm as possible until medical personnel arrives.

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