Bloodless Heart Surgery For Jehovah Witnesses

Dr. Ciuffo has always been interested in the development and enhancement of the best, low-impact, minimally invasive heart surgery techniques available so that I can offer all of my patients the best options.

dr. ciuffo bloodless heart surgery

As bloodless heart surgery techniques become more widely accepted it is an important aspect of the care of all cardiovascular patients. Dr. Ciuffo began employing these techniques in the late 90′s to comply with the religious beliefs of the Jehovah Witness congregations. The science behind bloodless heart surgery has made impressive progress over the last decade and it is now possible to offer this option routinely in the vast majority of our patients.

Jehovah Witnesses cannot take blood transfusions due to their religious beliefs, but now more people are seeing the importance of reducing the need for blood transfusions for other health reasons. Learn more about the specific techniques on our main bloodless heart surgery page.

Reasons For Bloodless Heart Surgery

  • Religious Beliefs (such as Jehovah Witnesses)
  • Eliminate The Risk Of Infection
  • Avoid Allergic Reactions
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Keep Immune System Strong

A Note From Dr. Ciuffo About Bloodless Heart Surgery For Jehovah Witnesses

Witnesses embrace and are comfortable with all aspects of modern medicine but their refusal to receive a blood transfusion is not negotiable. Unfortunately, many physicians cannot offer proper care because they have a hard time understanding and respecting these beliefs. Sometimes a finer distinction is made between refusing Packed Red Blood Cells and accepting some of the other blood fractions (i.e.: Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelets, Cryoprecipitate) on an individual basis, as a matter of personal conscience. The aversion to receiving blood transfusions stems from the interpretation of a specific passage in the Bible that states “Thou shalt not eat blood” and the spiritual ramifications of the disregard of this rule. I have treated hundreds of observant Jehovah Witnesses who would rather face death or suffer untoward consequences than break their religious rule. As a treating physician and a fellow human being I have learned to respect their strong faith while offering a safe treatment of their heart disease.”

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