How Bloodless Surgery Benefits The Immune System

Benefits of Bloodless Surgery for the Immune System

Bloodless surgery is often considered a choice made by those who cannot receive blood transfusions for religious reasons or due to concerns about blood-borne illnesses, but there are also significant benefits to the immune system. Blood transfusions can have a serious impact on the immune system. Transfusions lower your ability to fight off illness, allergic reactions, and inflammatory responses.

Bloodless Surgery

Blood transfusions shock the immune system, introducing new elements at a time when the body is already vulnerable. Bloodless surgery Bloodless Heart Surgery reduces the risk of post-op infection, inflammation, and other complications. The recovery rate is much faster with bloodless surgery. This is because the body does not have to deal with the shock of introducing new blood to the system. The cost of bloodless surgery to hospitals is much lower than traditional surgery, and there are far fewer risks involved.

Bloodless Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is a difficult ordeal for the body to endure. By removing blood transfusions, an element of trauma, from the equation, bloodless heart surgery becomes safer. Consequently, this type of heart surgery is also less challenging for the patient to undergo. Noninvasive heart surgery is a good choice for many candidates. This procedure offers a better recovery rate, fewer infections and allergic reactions, and a lower chance of inflammation.

Bloodless Heart Surgery Consultation

If you or someone you know are facing heart surgery, Dr. Ciuffo will conduct a full evaluation and to explore the options available to you. Dr. Ciuffo understands the specific needs and concerns of Jehovah’s Witnesses and other people of faith. He will review your full medical history and discuss your options with you. In addition, we’ll develop a treatment plan that fits your needs. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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