Do Prescription Drugs Cause Heart Issues

Prescription Drugs & Heart Issues, Is There a Relation

prescription medications linkage to heart disease

Over the course of time, many studies have shown that taking prescription medications and/or doses of prescription strength anti-inflammatory (non-steroidal) drugs can lead to heart issues. These issues can range from stroke to heart attack, increased blood pressure, and heart palpitations, and over the counter medications can do the same. It is so important to really never take any form of medication unless it is absolutely necessary because of the potential damage that can be caused to the body. Even with prescription medications, over-usage can be harmful, especially over long periods of time. It is always suggested to receive a second opinion with medical treatments as well as find alternative methods to cope with pain, etc. to prevent heart issues from developing.

Predisposed to Heart Issues

Those individuals who may already be predisposed to developing cardiovascular issues for whatever the reasoning (familial history) should really seek alternative methods first vs. long term traditional medicine treatments just to reduce any risk of developing an earlier onset of cardiovascular problems within themselves.


Prescription Medications Can Save Lives but Also Cause a lot of Damage

While prescription drugs can save lives, they can also present a wide range of undesirable and unwanted side effects that can be avoided by not choosing to take them. The number of deaths that can be directly linked back to the use and abuse of prescription medication is staggering, millions of  people have visited the hospital due to side effects or over-usage caused by prescription medications.

The FDA does try its best to oversee all medications that are being released, listing a drugs side effects, interactions with other medications, etc. If for some reason you need to be on a course of prescription medications, it is always suggested to seek out alternative methods to cope with illnesses and speak to your physician about a better treatment plan.


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