Heart Healthy Summer Exercises for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers and Keep the Heart Healthy


New Year’s resolutions to get healthy for Baby Boomers has come and gone and if you’re among the millions who have broken their resolutions, never fear because summer is near!


Eating right and exercising can be a solid commitment to make but if your health is on your mind and you want to get started with Heart Healthy Summer Exercises for Baby Boomers that will boost your energy, we have the plan for you.


Keeping up with those grandkids can become challenging so follow these exercises to get you in shape this summer.


Aim for Better Not Perfect


There are specific exercises that Baby Boomers can benefit from without having to worry about aches and pains that can potentially harm brittle bones. So we recommend that you start off slow with a warm-up. A simple 10-minute march in place or a light jog will do the trick. Then you can move on to:


Cardio Exercises for Baby Boomers


Do 1 set of 10 for each of the following intervals:



Once you’re done with your cardio exercises, you should bring your heart rate down slow and easy by taking deep breaths, stretching your legs, back, core area, and arms.


Strength Training for Baby Boomers


Improving your muscle strength, tone, and endurance will build up your bones and make you feel stronger. Just make sure you don’t try to become a weight training champion on your first day because easing into your fitness regimen with light weights and low rep sets is much safer.

Start your baby boomer weight training dumbbells in sets of 12-20 reps your first week and then gradually increasing the numbers each week. You can increase both the weight of your dumbbells along with the number of reps per set. Here’s a good way to start:


  1. Stand straight and tall.
  2. Your feet should be spread as wide as your shoulders.
  3. Place a dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms at your sides.
  4. Bend your knees as if to get into a seated position at a 90-degree angle.
  5. As you come back up from your seated position, push through your heels to push up out of the squat.
  6. While pushing up from the squat position, do a curl of your biceps with both arms.
  7. When you’re standing straight again, raise both elbows forward and push your arms over your head.
  8. Lower your arms slowly back to your side.
  9. Repeat.


Be sure to set aside ample time to start with a warm up and also allow cool down time post workout.


The Takeaway


Consistency is key when starting any new routine so if you follow the Summer Exercises for Baby Boomers we outlined for you, you will be off to a great start! Partaking in water exercises or just staying active in general, will only help build even more strength and muscle tone. If you start today, you will be fit just in time for a productive summer!


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