High Risk Heart Surgery | Canton, OH

You may have been told that your condition is “inoperable” due to high risks associated with surgery. The words “high risk” are alarming. They carry the implication of a negative outcome from a surgical procedure that might save or improve your quality of life. While every surgery carries risks, it’s always important to weigh them against the potential benefits when considering all the options. Dr. Ciuffo offers options to patients that other surgeons may consider unable to be helped with surgical options. Dr. Ciuffo specialize in high risk heart surgery. If you’ve been told your condition is inoperable or that you’re a “high risk” candidate, contact Dr. Ciuffo for a second opinion.

How is Minimally Invasive Bloodless Heart Surgery Different?

Reduce High Blood Pressure and Heart DiseaseTraditional heart surgery involves creating a relatively large opening in the chest. It may be necessary to carefully break bones, like ribs and the sternum- to access the heart cavity. With minimally invasive bloodless heart surgery techniques, Dr. Ciuffo employs advanced techniques. A small incision along the ribs provides access to the heart cavity. The patient’s own blood can be circulated, filtered, and re-used throughout the procedure for minimal blood loss. For patients who are concerned about transfusions, this is an excellent option.

How Do I Know if It’s Right For Me? 

While your doctor may be certain of his or her diagnosis, it’s your health and your right to get a second opinion. If you’ve been told your condition is “inoperable” or that you are a high-risk patient, there are some questions you should ask. First, ask your doctor about the potential outcomes of living without surgery. What are your treatment options, and does surgery, if it were possible, offer you the best chance at living a healthier, longer life. Second, if surgery would be a good option if not for the risks, ask what, precisely, those risks are. Be sure to gain a clear understanding of your doctor’s concerns. Finally, seek a second opinion. Request a complete set of your medical records to share with Dr. Ciuffo, to discover if minimally invasive bloodless heart surgery is the right option for you. Don’t hesitate in matters of heart health. Call for your appointment today.