How is Endosurgery Performed – Here is What You Need to Know

What is Endosurgery?


The Minimally Invasive and Bloodless Heart Surgery Program in Canton, Ohio is revolutionizing patient care with minimally invasive procedures, known as Endosurgery, that help provide our patients with surgical solutions that have faster and less painful recovery. Endosurgery is shaping the future of surgery with innovative solutions that create impactful and life-changing results in health care. Dr. Ciuffo offers surgical procedures that will meet your economic and clinical needs in order to optimize your outcome in this increasingly challenging healthcare environment with the use of advanced Endosurgery.


Understanding How is Endosurgery Performed?


Endosurgery does not require a major incision. Instead, small incisions are made where a flexible endoscope can be inserted allowing internal imaging to be projected. This allows for a robotic procedure which eliminates unwanted motion and improves surgical dexterity. Endosurgery allows remote surgery to be performed by our tremendously skilled surgeon who approaches each operation with precision.


Endosurgery is done on organs like the appendix, gallbladder, and female reproductive organs to name a few. With each procedure, devices called “trocars’ are used to puncture your abdominal wall, and they are then removed, leaving a trocar cannula in place. This trocar cannula will provide access to the camera and surgical instruments.


Why is Endosurgery Better?

For years’ surgeons fought for the ability to use surgical robots that could aid in minimally invasive procedures and with the advancement of technology, this type of surgery has been made possible.

The combination of robotic surgical schemes with image guidance and navigations structures offers the option of minimally invasive surgery in areas in where visualization customarily has been difficult. These robotic systems include those that work within operating rooms that are equipped with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners and that act together with optical and electromagnetic navigation.

In addition to being more precise, providing faster healing time, and being much less painful, Endosurgery has reduced hospitalization which means that it is more cost-effective than traditional surgery.

If you are contemplating Endosurgery in Canton, Ohio as a health care solution for your surgical needs, contact our office to schedule a meeting with Dr. Ciuffo.




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