How Long Is Normal Heart Surgery Recovery Time?

One of our patient’s main concerns about getting  minimally invasive heart surgery is heart surgery recovery time. How soon you will be able to return to normal activity after the procedure? While every patient and surgery is slightly different, there are a few general guidelines for resuming daily activities after surgery.minimally invasive heart surgery recovery

One Day After Surgery

During the day after your surgery, you should feel comfortable and you will be awake. Your doctor will encourage you to walk as much as you are comfortable with and to perform deep breathing exercises to clear your lungs.

Two-Three Days After Surgery

During day two and three, you will continue to be comfortable. Any residual symptoms from anesthesia are no longer present. Walking is still encouraged, and you should be able to walk up and down the hospital corridors. Most of Dr. Ciuffo’s patients are able to be discharged home or to a rehab facility in two to three days after surgery.

One-Two Weeks Post Surgery

Once our patients are home or at their rehab facility, Dr. Ciuffo recommends a gradual increase in physical activity. By two weeks post-surgery, most patients are able to resume their daily activities, including driving and going outside. For our out-of-state patients, most are able to travel back home within seven days of surgery. During this time period, you will be able to resume most of your normal activities, as long as they aren’t too rigorous.

Two Weeks and Beyond

After two weeks, many patients resumed all their normal activities. With such a fast heart surgery recovery time, our patients feel free to travel, return to work, and exercise within weeks of their surgery.

Dr. Ciuffo and the Minimally Invasive and Bloodless Heart Surgery Program

Dr. Ciuffo is dedicated to helping you have a successful heart surgery and heart surgery recovery. If you have any questions about minimally invasive heart surgery or the steps involved, feel free to contact us at (330) 588-4676 or visit our contact page online.   

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