10 Tips To Inoperable Heart Disease

10 Tips For Inoperable Heart Disease

A diagnosis of inoperable heart disease can be discouraging. A heart condition may be difficult to live with. Minimally invasive bloodless heart surgery may offer options that may not be possible with traditional methods. The treatment options available depend upon several conditions, including your physical health and the scope of experience of the doctors dealing with your case.

Dr. Ciuffo is dedicated to finding the solutions that work best for everyone’s individual health journey. By helping you understand inoperable heart disease, you can move forward toward helpful changes. The first step is understanding that your journey will look different from other patients. Get started today to see how we can help you!

Inoperable Heart Disease

Each patient’s case is decided individually. There are steps you’ll need to take when facing a diagnosis of inoperable heart disease. It’s Exercises Post Heart Surgery, Inoperable Heart Diseaseimportant not to panic or lose hope. Even if your case isn’t a good candidate for surgical options, many treatments can extend and improve the quality of your life.  Ask questions. Request that the medical doctor in charge of your case and your surgeon explain exactly why your case is considered “inoperable.”

Be sure to write down the details of their answers.  Obtain copies of all of your diagnostic records, including imaging- CAT scans, catheterizations, echocardiograms, EKGs, and other reports.  Gather copies of all the reports pertinent to your case, including blood tests and other results.

Each of these steps can help you get more information about what is happening. Sometimes answers are more helpful than having to live wondering what will happen next. You should have as much understanding about your condition as you need to feel comfortable moving on to the next steps.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is not a completely-understood condition. There are many aspects that doctors have to make their best educated and trained guesses about the potential outcomes of treatment options. While you’re gathering your records, reach out for a second opinion.  Seek a second opinion. Gather your information and bring it to the new doctor so that they may evaluate your case fully and avoid repeating expensive testing.

Ask your doctor to speak with a second opinion. You have every right to question decisions that impact your life so strongly, and your doctor should be glad to discuss your case with another surgeon.  Set up an appointment with your second opinion for a physical exam so they can determine your eligibility for themselves.

If you are not met with the amount of information you would like, it may be time to consider talking to someone else. You should feel like your medical professional is prioritizing your case.

Heart Condition

Living with inoperable heart disease can be frightening, but there’s no need to accept defeat! It may be possible that another surgeon has the experience that your first physician wasn’t aware of. Moving forward with seeking a second opinion can open up options you may not have considered.  Discuss the risk/benefit balance with the second opinion. Discuss potential treatment options, including possible surgical options.  Get feedback from close family and friends to help provide you with support and feedback when making your decision.  Finally. The most important step is never to give up! Your life is too important.


Are you looking for a doctor who cares about you and your inoperable heart disease? Contact Dr. Ciuffo today to learn more about minimally invasive heart surgery and how it has the potential to change your life. We are always happy to give you answers and ensure that you are learning about your health. There is no time like the present to get help!

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