Lowering Blood Pressure With Probiotics

It has long been known that probiotics, like those found in yogurts, are beneficial to balancing digestive health and providing other health benefits. They provide immune system support, improve insulin sensitivity, and support oral health and weight loss efforts.

Probiotics and Heart Health

Probiotics Heart HealthIn addition to supporting better overall health, studies have shown that probiotics actually have a beneficial impact on blood pressure. Over the course of eight weeks, one study showed that patients who took probiotic supplements or ate foods with probiotics regularly saw a drop in blood pressure, on average of 3.5 in systolic and 2.3 in diastolic readings. Those with the highest blood pressure readings saw the greatest reduction. The best results were observed in the patients who consumed multiple strains.

Part of an Overall Plan

While probiotics alone can’t reduce blood pressure to acceptable levels, they are another tool in the fight to naturally reduce blood pressure. Reducing your sodium intake, losing weight, smoking cessation, and other techniques can be used along with probiotic consumption to lower overall blood pressure.

Insulin Sensitivity

One of the key challenges in heart health is the reduction of blood sugar levels. High blood sugar and diabetes put a serious strain on the heart. Probiotics help support insulin sensitivity, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels. Not only do they have the ability to lower the blood pressure directly, they support other systems which, in turn, support heart health.

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

In order to have the maximum impact on heart health and blood pressure, probiotics should be consumed as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about your exercise program, diet choices, and if necessary, smoking cessation. Small steps and changes can add up to have a big impact on your heart health. Don’t hesitate, make your appointment today.