What To Expect At Mercy Medical Center

Dr. Giovanni Ciuffo specializes in bloodless and minimally invasive heart surgery at the Cardiovascular Institute of Mercy Medical Center in Canton, OH. Patients travel from across the globe to receive life-saving cardiac procedures from Dr. Ciuffo. If you are in need of advanced heart surgery, please consider Dr. Ciuffo and Mercy Medical Center.

For Patients

Minimally invasive heart surgery patients can expect to be in the hospital for two to three days, then discharged home or to a rehab facility. Dr. Ciuffo’s minimally invasive methods allow for a quicker recovery, less pain, and a very small scar. Dr. Ciuffo’s is renowned for his success and his caring nature to all patients.

mercy medical center mapNearby Hotels

Many of our patients travel to Canton with family members. We want your family to be comfortable while you’re visiting us for a consultation or surgery. There are many accommodations very close to Mercy Medical Center.

  • Canton Inn
  • McKinley Grand Hotel
  • Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • Comfort Inn
  • and more

Visiting Hours

Mercy Medical Center offers open visiting hours.

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If you or a loved one may be interested in learning more about the benefits of minimally invasive cardiac surgery and the options available at Mercy, contact us today. Call now at (330) 363-1341 or fill out our online contact form.

Dr. Ciuffo looks forward to discussing your needs, as well as providing a second opinion to a high risk diagnosis.





A picture of Giovanni B. Ciuffo, MD wearing his Mercy One doctor attire.

About the Author

Giovanni B. Ciuffo, MD Director is an expert in Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery and Bloodless Heart Surgery is the outcome of his commitment to the development and improvement of both of these techniques. He runs a Cardiothoracic Surgery practice and manages Minimally Invasive and Bloodless Heart Surgery Program where he cares for patients from all over the country and locally. Click here to learn more about Dr. Ciuffo.

Board Certified:
American Board of Surgery
American Board of Thoracic Surgery