Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Benefits

Facing heart surgery can be deeply concerning. Any surgery that involves an organ as critical as the heart is risky. Minimally invasive heart surgery benefits include, offering an alternative to traditional surgical techniques which may reduce the risks and the recovery time associated with heart surgery. Not only are the risks associated with traditional procedures reduced, minimally invasive techniques mean that less or no donated blood is necessary, easing religious concerns for many.Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Benefits

High Risk Heart Surgery

If you’ve been told by your medical team that you are not a good candidate for heart surgery because of your condition, minimally invasive heart surgery may provide an alternative. When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll take a full medical history and preform a thorough medical examination. Even patients who have been told their condition is inoperable may benefit from minimally invasive procedures that reduce blood loss and trauma. With a small incision and by avoiding the broken bones normally associated with opening the chest cavity, minimally invasive surgery provides a shorter recovery time and an option for patients who may otherwise be considered too medically fragile for traditional surgical options.

Bloodless Heart Surgery Benefits

Dr. Ciuffo has spent much of his career developing and perfecting bloodless heart surgery techniques. His work has helped move the technique forward. He started investigating bloodless and minimally invasive options to assist Jehovah’s Witness congregations, but soon discovered that the techniques are less traumatic and more effective for all heart patients. Avoiding transfusions provides several heart surgery benefits as well. Preparation, precise surgery, and excellent follow-up care come together to provide our patients with the best possible outcome.

Coronary Disease

Over time, coronary disease takes its toll on the body. A holistic approach to heart health will help improve the chances of a longer, healthier life. Dr. Ciuffo offers more than a less-invasive, less traumatic option for heart patients. He provides a holistic, inclusive approach which gives patients a wider range of options and gives patients a chance to take control of their own health care.

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