Shorter Hospital Stay With Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

We’ve gone over the many benefits of minimally invasive heart surgery, including the small incision/scar, the quick recovery time, and the benefits of bloodless techniques. Along with all of these great benefits, patients can also expect to have a much shorter hospital stay with MIHS, compared to traditional open-heart surgery.

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Hospital Stay

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In The Hospital After Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Since minimally invasive surgery does not include the same traumatic techniques used in traditional heart surgery, including the 8-inch incision in the chest, along with the breaking of the sternum and ribcage, our patients have much easier time post-surgery. Most of Dr. Ciuffo’s cardiac patients are released from the hospital within two to three days and are able to resume normal activities within two weeks. Traditional cardiac patients usually stay in the hospital from three to eight days and then struggle with a painful, long at-home recovery time (usually six weeks).

During your first-day post surgery at the hospital, you will most likely feel some soreness at the incision site, but you will be awake, alert, and mobile. Walking is actually encouraged! During your second and third days at the hospital, you’ll still feel that soreness but you’ll find that walking around is much easier. You can likely be released then, barring unforeseen issues.

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Are you researching minimally invasive heart surgery to find your best options? Dr. Ciuffo is a leading cardiothoracic surgeon who has been practicing these methods for over 15 years and can help find a plan for you. If you are doing initial research or if you’re considering a second opinion on your heart surgery, please give Dr. Ciuffo and his expert team a call at (330) 588-4676 or contact us online.


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