What Is A Heart Lung Machine?

The heart-lung machine is a surgical device used during heart surgery to take over the functions of the heart and lungs. Sometimes referred to as a “pump,” the machine performs the duties of both the heart, pushing blood through the body, and lungs, oxygenated the blood, to keep people alive while the surgeons work on their heart. Dr. Ciuffo uses the machine very regularly in his minimally invasive heart surgery procedures.

heart lung machine diagram

As the heart needs to be stopped during surgery, the heart-lung machine plays a crucial role. Once the surgery is finished, the heart is restarted and the machine is removed.

Jehovah’s Witnesses – For people who cannot accept blood transfusions, the heart-lung machine can keep the entire blood volume in circulation through surgery, so there is no need for blood transfusions.

“Inoperable” Patients – For those who have been diagnosed as “inoperable” due to heavily calcified valves, thus inoperable valves, the machine can be a solution. The machine can be attached to the heart and lungs through a branch of the aorta away from the calcified area.

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