Why Bloodless Heart Surgery

Why Bloodless Heart Surgery

Bloodless Heart Surgery is one of the most important aspects of the techniques developed for cardiovascular minimally invasive heart surgery patients. There are many reasons why cardiovascular patients choose bloodless heart surgery, including:
  • due religious beliefs (typically Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  • concern over HIV/AIDs, hepatitis, and other blood-borne viruses
  • to avoid allergic reactions
  • to avoid inflammatory reactions
  • to keep the immune system strong

By using the bloodless techniques (including minimally invasive heart surgery), patients can avoid the risks outlined above and maintain their immune systems level of strength. Recent health studies have confirmed that patients who did not receive a blood transfusion at the time of surgery have better postoperative longevity. Our efforts to pursue bloodless techniques help our patients lengthen and improve their life.

Bloodless Preparation and Technique

Preparation is extremely important prior to bloodless heart surgery. We will work together to adjust medications to boost a patient’s red blood cell creation and investigate any spontaneous bleeding. A surgical strategy is meticulously planned to minimize the risk of bleeding during the surgery.

During surgery, blood-sparing techniques and technologies are employed and modified based on the surgical strategy developed prior to surgery, as well as the patient’s beliefs and preferences. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery techniques avoid breast bone cutting which increases the chances of post-operative bleeding. To learn more about the specific techniques including using the extracorporeal circulation technique, beating heart technique, and blood salvage, visit our detailed Bloodless Heart Surgery page.

After surgery, blood loss continues to be minimized and intensive care protocols are implemented to manage anemia.

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To learn more about the motivation and benefits behind bloodless heart surgery, visit our complete bloodless heart surgery information page, or contact us with any questions and comments.

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