Is a Bypass Open Heart Surgery


open heart surgeryLet’s talk about open heart surgery.  Many people worldwide have some concerns and health issues surrounding the areas of their heart. Whether it is high blood pressure or blocked arteries, there are very many different types of procedures that people can undergo in order to relieve pain, to ensure that blood is flowing properly to the heart, or relieve stress off of areas that shouldn’t be working as hard as possible. If you have gone to your doctor and they mentioned that you will have to go through bypass surgery, there may be some questions that arise – which is completely normal!

Is it Open Heart Surgery?

No, it’s not like open heart surgery that people think of when the whole chest cavity has to be opened in order to assess and fix the problems areas. Bypass surgery is honestly, just what it sounds like. An incision will be made in the chest region and you will be hooked up to machine whilst your heart is stopped. The bypass procedure will be conducted and then blood flow will start again. Oftentimes there are arteries that are blocked that are disrupting proper blood flow to the heart. Bypass surgery is generally used in those patients that suffer from heart disease (specifically when the coronary arteries are blocked.) The bypass surgery is like a detour for the blood to travel to ensure your heart is obtaining the blood that it needs to.

Open Heart Surgery Substitutions

There are such procedures called bypass grafts which will utilize properly functioning blood vessels from a different part of the body. These are removed from one part and the placed near the area which will be bypassed, giving the blood alternate routes (that are not obstructed) to travel. Blood vessels can come from your arms, chest, legs, etc. but there is no reason to worry because the areas that they would be removed from, are in proper functioning order. There are also minimally invasive bypass procedures conducted but this is all to be discussed with your physician prior to any procedure.


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